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** Attention Contractors **

Contractors, dread making that trip to major retailors like Home Depot or Lowes, to purchase doors, moulding, plywood and or hardware? Tired of dealing with people who have little knowledge about their products or having to get the same simple profiles? 
Wouldn't you rather have that one on one attention or just
fax or email an order for a free estimate?
Well, your problem is solved, here at Amedeo Design
we offer a large selection of different profiles which can go
with each of your customers individual styles. 
All estimates and orders can be done at your convenience by simply emailing, faxing or making a call.

We @ Amedeo Design offer all contractors Discounts so please give us a call and we will be glad to do business with you !!

View our products on our moulding/door selection page at this site.  Any questions please give us a call at (718) 494-8746 or send an email to
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